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Carlo Massarini

Fabio Cavalli

Chief Philanthropy Architect of Lifestyle Week

Keeping the community anti-inflammaged has now become a social responsibility. Fabio explains how he created the most compelling anti-inflammaging company of the century, by acting as the linchpin in driving the world’s necessary transition to societal health promotion, with the ultimate goal of making the world’s population happier and healthier.

 Low-grade chronic inflammation (LGCI)

Paolo Colombani

CSO & co-founder of A—I Company, Dr. sc. nat. ETH Zurich

Origin and introduction to low-grade chronic inflammation.


Pietro Formisano

MD, PhD, Full Professor of Clinical Pathology, Department of Translational Medicine, ederico II University of Naples

Tracking low grade chronic inflammatory factors in the transition from health to disease

Mauro Gianetti

UAE Team Emirates Principal and CEO

The impact of Movement on our health: “From Champion to the community”

 Nutrition /  Medicine / Science

Heinz Beck
Three-Michelin-starred chef, Scientific Director Campus University Principe of Naples

The impact of Nutrition on our health


Giuseppe Vercelli
Psychologist and psychotherapist, professor of Sport Psychology and Human
Performance at the University of Turin

What impact does, in your case, cognition (mental health, stress, sleep, etc) have on our health, particularly with regards to chronic inflammation?


Andreas Kipar

Landscape architect

What impact does, in your case, the environment have on our health, particularly with regards to chronic inflammation?

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