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About Us

Image by Denys Nevozhai

An unmissable global event in which doctors,

innovators, entrepreneurs and technologists,

researchers in nutrition, cognition and

movement, as well as ambient and prevention experts, come together

in a wide-ranging, multidisciplinary dialogue.

Lifestyle Week
Lifestyle Week is a conference devoted to spreading ideas on how to prevent diseases and premature ageing. It began in 2000 as a conference in which technology and science converged to find solutions for rare diseases. Today it covers almost every topic — from science and technology, to health promotion, to many other issues of global reach. Meanwhile, independently-run Lifestyle Day events help share ideas with communities around the world, with the goal of changing people’s lifestyle behaviour.

Fabio Cavalli
Chief Philanthropy Architect


Casimiro Gloria
Lifestyle Week CEO

Vera Cavalli

Scientific Director

Marco Fagioli
Art Director

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